If you have arrived at the Relationship Service Station it is not by accident…

Roll on through to see what services we can provide to help facilitate your BEST relationship journey!

The first self-service gas station was opened back in 1947 in the good ole days.

In our society, we like to reminisce about the good ole days. The Relationship Service Station is established on the premise of having something from the good ole days. We can provide Full Service where you can talk & see your Coach. Also available at the Relationship Service Station is 24hour Self-Service through on-demand webinars, and replays via live stream log-on to select Workshops & Clinics that give access to instruction and activities to implement within your relationship to create your BEST journey.

The goal of the Relationship Service Station is to be able to reach relationships at varying stages pre-journey, be it the early journey, or those that have been on the journey for awhile even after death does us part.


We will provide educational, empowering and transformational tools and techniques no matter if you visit us at the pumps to be fueled, visit our social media markets to partake of a fresh word, pull into the bay to receive a diagnostic assessment or be towed in for an overhaul and restoration project. We are the Relationship Coaches that are equipped to handle your needs.

Join the Relationship Service Station as we equip the world with tools & skills to bring honor to GOD through our relationships, plus allow the passengers of the marriage vehicle to find their greatest pleasure on the journey.

Upon rolling into the Relationship Service Station you will be guaranteed that you will not leave the same. You will be given tools to create the BEST relationship journey.


Access to Full-Service and Self -Service Coaching Programs to assist couples in navigating the relationship highway by helping them to focus on their priorities to create a destiny ride experience.

Access to Programs that allow individuals who have experienced the loss of a spouse to explore all the emotional tools within their box and teach them how to utilize these emotions to build a path for a healthy grief journey.


Real, relevant talk beyond the pew conversations on how to save Christian relationships with God, self, and others. By providing tools to apply to one's life to facilitate healthy relationships.


To be present in the room LIVE or Virtual you will receive a message to shift your prospective to improve your grief steps.

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Schedule an appointment with Cortne' Lee Smith to talk about what you are personally experiencing on your grief walk.


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This is a community designed to empower the left behind after experiencing the loss of a spouse. This is done through daily posts created to provide steps to have healthy thoughts, talk and walk along the grief journey.


Lessons From the Journey

Weekly Message recorded by

Cortne' Lee Smith & Fulton Smith to touch on topics that need to be addressed by the widow/widower community to effectively heal and become a whole "ME"!

Weekly Discussion on how to utilize the emotional tools acquired after the loss of a spouse to build up & not bury!


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